Cooking with Jessie

If you own a dog you may be familiar with the concept that they want to be involved in EVERYTHING you do.
With that in mind we thought we would share making our evening meal with you, and let you realise, you are probably far more normal than us !!
Not a brilliant chef, due to no opposable thumbs and and furry paws, that doesn’t stop Jessie wanting to see what goes on at every stage of a meal.
Tonight it was home made pasta and meatballs.  Let the cooking begin.

Grating cheese to go on the Cauliflower, always an opportunity for small bits to drop on the floor or even the occasional bit that gets too small to grate !

Cauliflower cheese, endless opportunities, falling cheese or even a dropped dish, well worth the wait. Often seen as a two dog job !!

Meatballs, the gold standard of potential kitchen food. They are balls made of meat! If the name isn’t enough, the possibility of them rolling off the tray is ever present !

The pasta machine, a bit scary ! You wouldn’t want to get your tongue caught in that while snaffling something. The Pasta drying rack however, a lot more tempting !

Fortunately, you don’t have to sit and wait long for pasta to cook.

Ready to dish out, don’t forget a plate for me please.

Food plated up and its a race to get sat down on the sofa before the humans get there.Well TV dinners are first come first served aren’t they?

The only thing left after eating is cleaning down and washing up. Need any help licking that bowl clean ?

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