Before Christmas 2019 I set myself 4 goals for 2020, in 4 different areas. Despite having never played an instrument and not being able to read music, I decided one goal was to teach myself to play the guitar.

I share this not because I have achieved my goal, far from it. But to encourage anyone who thinks its “too late to learn” – you are never too old. As a 50 something, if I can get enjoyment and a new found love from trying to make music, anyone can.

An unexpected byproduct of my learning, is a new perspective on music. I now find myself listening to song construction, individual notes and rhythm patterns. I have also come to understand the expression “lost in music”. Time passes quickly when you play and it seems to blank all other things from my mind.

I do not expect to become a master (or anywhere near) but I share to say… If I can gain pleasure from a musical instrument, maybe you can. I have one big fan, Jessie our older cockapoo will always come sit with me when I play, usually falling asleep.

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