I bought a motorbike !

Its not my first bike, but definatley the smallest… as a teenager before passing my driving test, I had a motorcycle licence. My first powered vehicle was a Honda C90, then a CB250 and finally at age 18 a Honda CX500. The love of 2 wheels ended, when a car knocked me off, as I traveled home from a David Bowie concert…

The first picture is a stock image, bu the second two, yes that’s me.

Lego 42107 Ducati Panigale V4 R – Review

With 646 parts in a small set, as far as Lego Sets go, this one is fiddly because of its small size. However it doesn’t take long to build.

Its probably going to be the last set I’ll be buying for a while. It isn’t that I’m not enjoying Lego. Just that you reach a point that you have enough different pieces to make your own creations. (MOCs)

There is a lot of detail, including a two speed gearbox adjusted by the left foot peddle, central neutral, 1st up and 2nd down. The 4 moving pistons are pretty much hidden by the red fairing. But they do work. The chain is big to scale, but Lego is never really about being perfect scale. I also found the chain looked better with 2 links removed (yes they are all separate)

Steering works, as does the front and rear suspension. It comes with a pit stand, but I added my own kickstand for some of the pictures.

The box is nicely presented and this is one of those sets where the parts bags are not numbered, so you either have to sort or delve in a big bowl to find what you need.

Overall the Lego Ducati Panigale V4 R, does justice to its inspirations looks, it was a fun build and had some interesting construction ideas to learn.

Did it inspire me to buy a real motorbike? For about 5 minutes, then I remembered being in an A&E department having glass from a Ford Sierra picked out of my arm. I will be sticking to 4 wheels, seat belts and airbags!

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