Greenfield waterfall

Having lived in Saddleworth for over 20 years, I’ve never ventured up to “Greenfield waterfall” Prior to Covid we would regularly walk around Dovestone reservoir and up to Chew Reservoir, but the area has become a victim of its on popularity of late. The car parks over flowing and footpaths like a town center. So we have stayed away for nearly 6 months. We decided today would be the day to go visit, so we made sure to be at Binn Green car park by 8.30 a.m. to get a space.

Today is also both our dogs “Gotcha Days” the anniversary of bringing them home. For Jessie it’s 8 years and Max 7 years.

The weather was perfect for walking and the scenery amazing.

As always the dogs loved the walk, made even more exciting by the sound and smells of dozens of game birds. The walk is easy on good paths and a round trip to the water fall from Binn Green car park is 4.3 miles

Max checking out the route prior to going…

There is at least one section that requires dogs to be on a lead as it is a Permissive pathway. But these two could be tempted to go flushing out a bird, so stayed on lead. Its easy to miss what is only 5 minutes from home and go seeking beauty elsewhere!

With no hesitation, we would award this is a 5 star walk !

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