Up the road…

Holiday in Scotland….

After 7 months of lock down and 3 missed holidays we are finally back to a place we love… Kingsbarns, Fife. To be more precise Morton of Pitmilly

Its probably the longest we have gone without walking on a beach! Jessie and Max were very excited.

On the outskirts of St. Andrews, the 5 hour journey was quiet, scenic and worth every minute. St. Andrews was sadly not very busy, the reliance on international golfers and students is probably taking its toll.

Like all holiday places Pitmilly has been closed, but now reopened with full covid secure measures in place.

For the first time we are here while one of their pop up food nights is on. Lovely fresh and crisp pizza.

After food we went to visit the recently rescued hens.

Now off for a swim in the pool, while Joanne does a zoom exercise class. Looking forward to a long beach walk tomorrow…

Check our full review written earlier in the year HERE

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