Kingsbarns Beach

It’s quite possible that of all the beaches we have been on, Kingsbarns is our favourite. Its like the best of Cornwall without the crowds, and the traffic is never as bad going North as it is going South.


Just 5 minutes drive from Morton of Pitmilly Countryside Resort, where we regularly stay and 17 minutes out from the centre of St. Andrews.

Although popular among locals, the coast of Fife is overlooked by English Tourists. There are wonderful walks along miles of coastal paths, if you choose your tide times carefully. We have, over the years covered sections from Crail all the way round to St. Andrews.

Why do we like Kingsbarns so much? It’s quiet, dog friendly, usually sheltered from prevailing winds and stunning to look at.

The sand is clean and washed daily, by the North Sea. There are large sand flats and rock pools to explore.

At one end there is a free car park with a single retailer, The Cheese Toasty shack, which serves 5 star grilled cheese sandwiches.

At the far end, the beach meets the greens of Kingsbarns Golf links and a path up the stream leads to the picturesque Cambo Gardens. The walk up to the walled gardens is stunning in February, as it has thousands of Snowdrops lining the path.

The next vide was taken on a brisk dusk walk in February. Cold but still stunning

So next time you plan a coastal break, give Fife a try… But just not the weeks we are there, we like the quiet seclusion 🙂


  1. I love the photos! It’s definitely going to have to go on our list of places to take the dog on holiday.


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