A dog is a boys best friend

It is said the best friend a little boy can have, is a loyal dog. Jessie and Max had guard dog duties for our grandson on Portobello beach. No one was messing with him while they were involved!

We would never have thought of going to the beach in Edinburgh, until we were introduced to Portobello today. A long sandy beach with a promenade. Long enough to have empty spaces and yet still have sections full of life and activity. People enjoying volley ball, boxer-cise, jogging and cycling.

Plenty of room to learn how to walk a dog.


After the beach we spent some time in the city center. The views from Calton Hill are amazing.

We are looking forward to becoming regular visitors to this wonderful city now we have family living here. Hopefully future visits will not include the use of so much hand sanitizer and social distancing!

Fortunately our grandson doesn’t understand the concept of Social distancing 🙂

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