Yesterday marked 6 months since the UK went into a Covid Lock-down… Many thought it would be for just a few weeks. Yet here we are facing another 6 months of restrictions on social interaction. Locally in our home town of Oldham we are under “special measures” which prevent us socializing with family and friends in our home, gardens or anywhere. Living the governments “Rule of 6” would actually be an improvement on our situation!

One of the guitar pieces I have been learning seems somewhat fitting today. The real reason I have been recording my playing, is in the hope I will look back in time and see improvement!

So here is my cover of “Yesterday” by The Beatles – accompanied by some of the favourite beach pictures I have taken.

Stay safe.

As per the credits on the video, the music tabs and backing track are provided by “Guitar Nick” a great place for anyone learning guitar to get easy information.


  1. Just need to sing the lyrics now, perhaps some lessons from your daughters, oh but it’s not possible at the moment is it with the special restrictions. Perhaps Jessie or Max could help!🤣


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