Welcome to DIY with DAD

For the past 16 years I have undertaken household and commercial property repairs, maintenance and upgrades. I enjoy my work and my business continues to be successful, I have always given free advice and try my best to always explain how things work, when I fix them.

Over the past few years each of my children have got married and set up their own homes, some near some far. Recently with Covid related lock-down my role as a Dad has evolved from “fixer of all things” to “WhatsApp” consultant. It was while talking to a screen, explaining the finer points of fixing a toilet flush, or getting into a locked room, that I realised there was a need for simple “how-to videos” If they could be useful to my children, then perhaps they would be of use to anyone.

So DIY with DAD came to be

Over the coming weeks I will be uploading short videos explaining how to do simple tasks around the home. I have some in mind but would be happy to hear suggestions.

I have set up a Facebook page and Instagram account that you can follow to keep up to date with new “DIY with DAD” posts and videos, or subscribe to this site below and receive email updates to all my online blog content

This is not going to cost you anything but will save you money and teach you new skills.

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