DIY with DAD Changing a Euro Lock

I’ve lost count of how many Euro Barrel Locks I have changed over the years, its a lot !!

If you have just moved house or lost a key it always a wise decision to change your locks. It’s REALLY simple to do and only requires one screwdriver to complete.

The other reason to change a barrel is to make getting out of your house easier!

Its possible to fit a barrel that has a key on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside. This is helpful when you have a parcel delivery, the dogs are barking and you cant locate your keys to unlock the door to receive your delivery. Or in the worse case scenario, you have to leave the house in a fire! You don’t want to be hunting for your keys.

Some people leave the key in the door, the downside to this is, you cant use a key to unlock from the outside, if there is a key inside.

Standard double sided barrels are available off the shelf at most DIY stores. Thumbturn barrels are available online or a good lock stores. Barrels are measured edge to center and center to edge like the one below. This one is a thumb 35/35. They are not always symmetrical.

Take the old one out as per the video below. Measure it and then put it back until you have the new one to swap.

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