TV advertising memories

What do you remember about TV as a youth? I guess that will depend on how old you are!

We had a TV not unlike this one, I could never work out what the 4th channel select button was for, as we could only get BBC1, BBC2 and ITV, then in 1982 we found a use for it, with the launch of Channel 4! This gave us 2 commercial channels and the scope for TV advertising doubled.

In the seventies and eighties, multi-media meant you had a TV and a Radio. The only thing you could get that was cordless, would be Pyjamas and they were high tech. The world of media has changed considerably since then.

Sad to say when I was younger my parents would tell me I watched to many TV ads, now with TV on demand we can scroll past them. All this thinking got me wandering down memory lane and pondering commercials I enjoyed.

We start with an ad for the Yellow Pages phone book.. apart from just generally being funny I love the word “eejit”

Anyone have one of these? I had a Raleigh Grifter!

Next up, the laughing Martians “Then they smash them all to pieces”

Lest we forget, be warned Elephants never do !!

This final one was not meant to be funny but it is now.. As you watch on your computer with 2TB of memory, remember the day when a unique selling point was 48K of memory !!

I hope you had a smile as you watched at least one of these.

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