DIY with DAD Car care

These simple checks are easy enough for anyone to do. Before you start ensure your car is in a safe place, on level ground not a hill and the engine is OFF.

Doing very simple checks on fluid levels in your car can prolong the cars life and save you expensive repair bills. My last car was sold with 186,000 miles on the clock, partly due to regular servicing by my local mechanic but also because I check regularly to ensure fluid and lubrication levels are correct.

An engine with no oil will seize and be VERY expensive to repair.

When filling with oil you can purchase mineral oil or synthetic oil. Most cars now will have synthetic oil in already. All cars can be topped up with synthetic oil. If you are having to top oil or water up regularly chat to your local garage. Washer fluid will have to be topped up more frequently in the winter and can be bought ready to use or to be diluted.

Antifreeze washer fluid is VERY toxic to dogs, be careful where you store it.

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