Counting with Jessie and Max

Counting with Jessie and Max cover page

Jessie has been busy creating a children’s book !

In the run up to Christmas we created and printed, a “Counting to 10” book for our young Grandchildren, featuring Jessie and Max. Lots of HD pictures of the dynamic duo, taken over the past few years and edited into a colourful file, that can be viewed on any device.

Now is your chance to get a *FREE COPY* of the ebook version !!

Simply click on the Blue DOWNLOAD button below, no strings, no catch, just a thank you to our many loyal followers.

Don’t just scroll past! Click on the DOWNLOAD button above. Ideal if you have grandchildren, children, young siblings or just like pictures of Jessie and Max !

Max clowning around

If we get enough interest we may consider publishing more content, so vote with your mouse button!

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