Micro Camping part 2

In our last post we revealed plans to Micro camp and shared the bed base construction inside our car. Although we would like to be able to stop and with little to no effort be set up to sleep, it will be nice to have some extra room and ability to leave the tailgate open. Hence the “tailgate tent”

Although not specifically designed for this purpose we had seen it recommended by Nimble Camper for other MPVs. With a bit of slow reversing the rear of the car slots in perfectly !

Complete with a built in ground sheet and erects like a beach tent in 5 mins. The large opening on the car side is near on perfect for a Touran, perhaps a little too snug but manageable. As it wasn’t pegged out properly in these pictures (being half on grass half on our drive), the floor looks a little uneven. but will stretch out better.

Packs in a small bag and only weighs 8kg, but will give us a living space of 2.5m x 2.5m and a couple of large windows with cover flaps for privacy. Great purchase at under £100

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