Micro Camping part 3

Let it be dark !!!

There are a couple of reasons you want to make it dark in a car when camping. One privacy, two you may not always want to wake up at sunrise, unless its a stunning view I suppose. There are several solutions to this that we have come across, ranging from curtains to full permanent window tints.

Firstly a word about the law. In the UK there is a requirement that whilst driving the front windscreen must allow 75% of light through and front side windows allow a 70% of light through. The automotive industry uses a lettering system to identify the pillars between car windows which is useful when discussing this. So the law applies to all windows forward of the B pillar.

After trawling the internet, Joanne found some great window shades that will not only be good for camping but would probably be ideal if you have a baby or children travelling in a car at any time. they are from a company called CAR SHADES.

The great thing is, they fit exactly to the shape of the window (you specify the car model when ordering) they are also removable and allow the windows to open whilst in. They do let some light in, but are pretty hard to see through from outside. if we decide we need more light blocking we can cut some blackout material to the shape of the shades and place it between them and the glass.

In other news. We have upgraded to a Thule Wingbar Evo roof rack. Cars and roof bars have maximum load capacities and this one is 100kg which now matches the cars maximum. unlike the previous one, which was 75kg. This will come in handy with the roof box fitted. It is also surprising how much quieter the wing profile makes the bars and it reduces the fuel consumption loss associated with roof racks.

Our next post will hopefully be about the foam mattress which is ordered !

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