Micro Camping part 5

Every now and again you come across a really simple idea, that you think is really clever. This is just such a thing. We purchased a Ventilation Tailgate Lock as it seemed liked a great solution to allowing air into the car while sleeping, but keeping rain and intruders out. But to be honest it is also ideal if you need fresh air into your car for any reason.

The idea is really simple, it extends the body mounted catch upwards, allowing the tailgate to lock onto it without being fully closed. Once in place the car thinks the tailgate is closed, so the central locking can be activated. The tailgate lock is available in various lengths allowing more or less ventilation. We purchased the 6″ variant.

Step 1 Hook the Tailgate Lock around the catch and rotate the body to tighten

Step 2 Lower the tailgate and latch onto the Tailgate locks loop

The construction is very sturdy with what appear to be good quality welds. It is fair to say with the tailgate locked open it is more vulnerable that in it normal closed and locked position. However it will certainly deter an opportunist thief, unless they are equipped with bolt cutters!! But if you are full micro camping, taking a nap in the service station or have dogs this is a great way to allow fresh air in without having a window open.

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