DIY with DAD desk cable tidy

With so many people working from home, there must be hundreds of desks that have a knitted ball of cables underneath them? There will no doubt be organised folk that use cable ties to neatly, and permanently, route their wires. But cable ties make rearranging harder, especially if you have a laptop that you connect to monitors and desktop equipment.

In the commercial world many desks come fitted with a tray at the back that cables can be rested in, but that could well be a costly addition to a home desk.

A simple solution. Buy a short length of gutter from B&Q and a couple of gutter clips.

I cut the gutter to the length of the space under the desk and used a hole saw to put a hole in the middle and a half hole at either end. However it would work without the holes, just cut it slightly shorter than the space to let cables out at the ends.

Mount the gutter clips to the wall, they won’t be taking much weight so a single screw in the top hole of each bracket is enough.

Now is the chance to untangle, unplug and reconnect the cables one at a time, laying it in the gutter tray. There will be enough room to double cables over and hide any slack. I also took the opportunity to go mad with my label maker and identify each plug.

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