Micro Camping trial

Our last 6 micro camping posts have been about setting things up and preparing our VW Touran for adventures. This weekend we took it for a test night. We ventured all the way to Wel-i-Hole Farm campsite Saddleworth, which is 2.5 miles from our house. So worse case scenario we could be home in 5 minutes !! We also had our youngest daughter and son-in-law tag along with a tent.

Overall the setup worked well, we learnt the bed is not as big as a our double at home, so next time the dogs will have their own beds in the tent section, or sleep on the drivers and passenger seats. The mattress was comfy though and we were not cold. We slept with the tailgate open so no condensation problems either.

Its easy to overlook the landscape so close to home, we have walked and driven past this campsite hundreds of times, often remarking, “Why would someone come here to camp?” but it is a beautiful location and we can now see why people would come.

It was nice to arrive, put the tent section up in 15 minutes and already have a bed made and ready to sleep on. When we next go for longer and further, we will have the roof box on the car, but there was plenty of storage in the rear footwells under the bed for one night.

Jessie was a little confused that the journey was so short !

Finding the tent after dark was easy, it lit up like a lighthouse with the small battery lamp left on hanging inside! The campsite was busy but not overcrowded.

Jessie and Max were both fascinated by the pull out table, even more by cooking sausages for breakfast.

So all in all, a successful trial run, with a couple of lessons learnt for next time

If you want to know more about “converting” our Touran to Click HERE for all our Micro camping posts

Ruth and Jared camped next to us


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