Micro Camping Scotland

Following on from our successful local trial (less than 2 miles from home) we decided we were ready to go further. The opportunity arose with a weekend trip to Scotland visiting family in Trinity, Edinburgh. Needing more stuff than our previous overnight stay it was time to add the roof box into the equation.

We found a great campsite in Musselburg by the name of Drummohr Holiday Park which was well organised had good clean facilities and was happy to accept micro campers, which some sites apparently are not.

Having the roof box meant we could have the bed made up and uncluttered which the dogs love as their new traveling arrangement. To keep them safe whilst driving, they wear a harness that is anchored to a luggage restraint that is just behind where the rear seats would be. Quick learners they were in the car from the minute we started packing.

We learnt from last time to take the dog beds, which meant at least one of them chose to sleep in her own bed in the tent, which made a big difference to us sleeping !! Our other big useful insight to share, is the Ryobi USB charger. I have a pretty extensive set of Ryobi tools for work, including two 5Ah batteries. We found the clip on charger port would top up both our phones at least 4 times, from one charged battery. So with day time charging while traveling, we think the two charged batteries would easily give us a week of phone life.

The tent continues to be a game changer for £100. The living space is invaluable, for dog beds, chairs, clothes and just an indoor area where we can stand up! The first picture below is car reversed into the tent for sleeping. The second picture is car out for the day and tent closed up. I wont lie, it took a bit of practice to be able to reverse in perfectly, as the opening only has an inch to spare around the Touran !

The dogs seem to really like camping, although they need a bit more training to be able to set up the tent on their own !!!

They also like that our son-in-law and daughter came with their tent again.

We are looking forward to our next camping adventure, but its fair to say as we speed towards Autumn it may be next year now !!

If you want to know more about “converting” our Touran to Click HERE for all our Micro camping posts

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  1. It must be in the blood!.
    Tent, trailer tent and now mini camping!. Definitely a Summer thing thought, I still shiver at the memories of the Dragon Rally in the Welsh mountains in winter, certainly earned that badge!.


  2. First time actually seeing one of your Blogs and it was ER ….. interesting ! Ha ha ha Loved it ! Thanks John!!!


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