I have recently been pondering all manner of things.

From the creation of this blog, my “logo” has been the picture of stacked stones shown above. In my mind it symbolizes balance or rather, finding balance in our lives. This involves seeking variety and having a rounded life experience, which is easier at some times than others. There will be periods of life when you can only fit in one focus and others when you can have many. Getting older for some people opens opportunities to broaden horizons. In a recent episode of Top Gear, the presenters attempted to rebrand the “mid life crisis”

“The key thing is, we’ve taken the idea of the mid-life crisis, which all of us could stand accused of being in the middle of, and have said, ‘It’s not a crisis, it’s an opportunity, don’t be ashamed of the fact you want to buy a TVR, or a fake Ferrari, or a Holden Monaro,”… “Celebrate the fact that this is the time in life when you are simply buying the things that you wanted to own when you were younger, which you can now because you’ve either got the money, or the children have left home. And let’s face it, if we were to look at the Top Gear audience, there are probably quite a few men in that position.”

Chris Harris

Whatever your hobbies are, they help keep you mentally balanced and growing physically, mentally and even emotionally, in many cases they give opportunities to interact with other like minded individuals. After all as humans, we all need interaction – leisure and intellectual pursuits help fulfil that life requirement.

It is possible to pursue any one activity too much or spread yourself to thinly, which is where seeking balance and self review becomes important. Sometimes people want more of us than we can give and that’s where being honest with ourselves and others becomes important.

Walking along a Cornish beach, I came across a whole group of balancing stones, it reminded me that I had forgotten the importance of finding balance.

No doubt this citadel of stones was created purely for fun, with no intention to inspire me, but it did ! It’s possible that nearly 2 years of lock down caused me to forget the importance of balance. Whatever the reason it was a good reminder to ponder.

So to my friends, remember my varied interests don’t denote a Mid-Life Crisis,

I’m just enjoying Mid-Life Opportunities

What life opportunities are you enjoying?

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