Model Railways

Glenfinnan inspired viaduct with hand painted diesel engine

Building models is something I have done on and off during my life as time has permitted. The subject matter has changed, trains, boats and cars, but interestingly never planes. The pictures below are of various models scenes I have constructed. All are 1:76 scale which is the size of Hornby trains.

Springhead Junction

The Wharf

Mossley Terrace

Model Making

Some of the models have been displayed at Model Railway exhibitions and others have featured in nation model making magazines. Several are a depiction of a location close to my home “Mossley Terrace” where the houses on the main road literally back on to the railway. Below is a real picture next to my model picture.

Like many model makers, the fascination is in the making and as a consequence interest is lost once things are complete, so there is no regrets that the shed is now used as… a shed.

Along with photography skills that I learnt whilst making models, I also started early into railways with a YouTube channel and video composition. The video below is probably my most viewed, posted in 2008 it has been watched 884,583 times. If you are wondering about my choice of music, I was paid to change the original track to promote this one. If you are interested in more of my small railway videos check out a YouTube playlist

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