Lego Defender

That would be the Land Rover defender not, defender of all things Lego !!

After a week where the real world has been hard, I felt the need to share some unadulterated Lego fun today. I have long known my personality is that of a fixer. I have been blessed with the ability to fix things with my hands, which is wonderful but I find I have to default to that in times of stress. When I can’t fix an emotional problem I find something practical to fix and that calms me. Its not a bad way to be, but sometimes I feel those around me think I am not interested in the matter at hand, I am, we just all have different coping mechanisms.

My desire to fix and build, found an outlet during Covid lockdown in the form of Lego Technic sets. Of all of them the Land Rover Defender has been my favourite. I have modified the original set by motorising it. I found instructions from the original Lego designer (Grohl666) on YouTube then went on to design and build a trailer myself. The trailer needed a load so I came up with a quad bike !

I have to be honest and say that for looks alone I prefer the original Defender with its utility look and “fix in the field” style, compared to the new sleek looking, high tech version. But the Lego model due to the limitations of brick shapes, actually has a look of the original rather than the updated Land Rover offering.

Of course static pictures don’t show what it is capable of now motorised. For that we need a video! Control is via an app on my phone. The Lego Defender is capable of climbing 45 degree slopes and has all round suspension and 4 wheel drive. Enjoy some HD GoPro fun..

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  1. I don’t know how you manage to do all this with a full time job, church responsibilities and family commitments!


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