Panoramic Dual screen Wallpaper

My Desktop computer is configured with Dual Screens. I find it much easier being able to drag things from one screen to another and to have room to show multiple applications at the same. It also makes hosting zoom meetings simpler as I can have participants on one screen and share content from the other. Although some meetings are big enough to warrant adding in the extra processing power and screen of a laptop!!

Hosting a Church Stake Conference 2021

Having the two screens has also sparked a new hobby. Taking Panoramic photographs with my phone. I use the pictures as desktop wallpapers that span the dual screens.

Free Wallpaper

Below are a selection of my Panoramic wallpaper pictures. Feel free to download and use if you wish. < Dual Screen Wallpaper Free download > Click on any image and select SAVE.

A702 to Biggar
Forth of Fife
Dovestone Saddleworth
Cambo Gardens Fife
Morton of Pitmilly Fife

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