Lego Truck

Lego sets are always fun to get, open and build, but by far the best fun is to start wit a random pile of pieces and see what you can come up with. Known in the Lego community as a MOC or My Own Creation, it is probably what many people remember most about their childhood Lego experience. Some Adult Fans of Lego (AFOLs) are not fans of MOCs and to be fair if you have spent a considerable sum of money on purchasing a well designed and good looking set it may be traumatic to disassemble it. Many Adult collectors build once and then display on shelves. Of course this is an expensive way to proceed as every time the urge to build strikes you have to go out and buy a new set! you also end up needing a lot of shelf or wall space!

Above my desk
Behind my desk

Personally, with the exception of one or two Lego Sets, I don’t have an attachment to finished Lego models. They at some point get broken down and rebuilt as something else, sets are even mixed if parts are needed.

Some AFOLS are big into using computer aided design to make their MOCs and there is even a market for these designs to be sold as alternate plans or “B models” for any given set. This allows a set to be recycled into something else for a fraction for the cost of a new one. The Holy Grail of B models, is one that uses all or nearly all the original set parts, so nothing is wasted.

Whilst I have built a couple of other designers B models from their printed instructions, my favourite way to build a MOC, is to sit down and work it out as I go along. Usually putting a wheel at each corner and trying to work out what and how goes between to make what I want.

Big Red Lego Truck

Lego 42082 in a box
In its box

Right at the start of Covid Lock Down, (remember those 6 weeks when everything was closed and we had to stay at home except an hour a day for exercise?) I bought and built Lego set 42082. I helped keep me sane!!! With 4059 pieces it took a while but I always new it would be a good way to get a lot of parts to make something else.

lego 42082 big red
My completed 42082

I guess to balance getting extra build time by making a MOC, you have to try and make the new construction look half decent, or it seems a waste. Over the last 12 months I have tinkered with a rebuild of the big red crane. The first few weeks usually sees something resembling what I want and then as the weeks go on refinements large and small are made.

So here is what I came up with. It has several additional parts. A two speed gearbox, 4 wheel drive and is remotely powered by the Lego Control phone App.

Step one above, was a half way point in the design, a flat bed rigid truck. Over time though the wheelbase was shortened and the frame structure improved leading to the current version below, an articulated unit with much longer trailer. Measuring 75cm (30″) nose to tail. There are several websites that sell individual Lego parts. Hence I am able to have a 6 wheel model, when the original set only has 4 in its parts list. Driving it forward is easy, now all I have to do is learn how to reverse it and get a job as a truck driver!

Lego and construction models are not for everyone. Always remember a model is just a toy that is too expensive for kids to play with!!

Want to see more crazy Lego builds check out The Lego Car

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