Greenfield waterfall 2022

This walk can be taken from Dovestone main carpark (2.77milies) or a slightly shorter version from Binn Green carpark (2.1miles)

Although the reservoirs are flat the paths along side do climb so expect an ascent. The route from the main carpark can take in either side of Dovestone Reservoir. Going anticlockwise would make the walk a little longer but is our direction of choice.

Once you reach the damn between Dovestone and the higher Yeomen Hey Reservoir, it is better to stay to the west side of Yeoman Hey as it has a much better path. If you park at the smaller Binn Green carpark you join the route at the junction of the two reservoirs.

The scheme to create these reservoirs was commenced by the Ashton-Under-Lyne, Stalybridge and Dukinfield Waterworks Joint Committee in 1870. Yeoman Hey was completed in 1880, Dovestone was not granted permission to be built until 1958 and was completed in 1966.

3 reservoirs in greenfield
Saddleworth reservoirs

The three reservoirs as seen above, have Greenfield Brook as their main source.

Our pictures were taken on a beautiful sunny day in summer 2020 but it can get very cold and very wet quickly. Although a bit more off the beaten track than the circular route around Dovestone, we would not consider this walk at a weekend or Bank Holiday as the carpark and surrounding area is far to busy. Note it is Dovestone, not Dovestones!

Jessie and Max

The weather was perfect for walking and the scenery amazing.

As always the dogs loved the walk, made even more exciting by the sound and smells of dozens of game birds. The walk is easy on good paths and a round trip to the water fall from Binn Green car park is 4.3 miles.

Max checking out the route prior to going…

Max the cockapoo

There is at least one section that requires dogs to be on a lead as it is a Permissive pathway. But these two could be tempted to go flushing out a bird, so stayed on lead.

Greenfield waterfall

Its easy to miss what is only 5 minutes from home and go seeking beauty elsewhere! Th map below shows the route from Dovestone carpark.

Map to greenfield waterfall
Approximately 3 miles from Dovestone carpark

With no hesitation, we would award this is a 5 star walk !

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