Huddersfield canal walk and Scona

In a recent post we shared our love of a section of the Huddersfield Narrow canal from Mossley to Greenfield. Todays post continues that walk from Greenfield to Diggle which is a 4 mile roundtrip. You could combine to two sections if you are feeling energetic!

Churchill playing fields carpark

We start at the carpark to Churchill Playing fields, Wellington Street, Greenfield. Churchill covers 21.5 acres of ground and is protected by “Fields in Trust” a vastly underused space a stones throw away from Uppermill.

Walking to heal across Churchill

We walk along the fields to Bridge street and then follow the river path to come out on High Street opposite Uppermill Park.

Uppermill river walk

Through the park and across the stepping stones to join the Huddersfield Narrow Canal.

The stepping stones lead you straight to the towpath and then its turn right and keep walking! As well as being flat, another bonus of tow paths is you can’t get lost! On the way we pass under Uppermill railway viaduct that carries the busy line from Manchester to Huddersfield.

Uppermill Viaduct
Uppermill Viaduct

Just as you pass under the viaduct there is an opportunity to take a break and east at the Limekiln Cafe but we kept going this time, much to the disgust of Max, who knows where to get a good sausage!

The next section of the canal narrows and then opens up at the historic Wool Road Transhipment depot. Built around 1820 and originally used to store Lime, probably produced at the nearby Brownhill Lime Kilns. The old building behind has been lovingly converted into homes.

From the depot we pass under the new road bridge, the canal had been stopped by an embankment to accommodate a road layout change. As part of the restoration of the canal the embankment was excavated and a new bridge installed. There are some fascinating pictures of this HERE

Just beyond the new bridge is a lock and a wide turning space in the canal. Her there are some new houses that blend in really well with the stone buildings in the area.

New houses

The canal now starts a serious climb through a series of locks and to the left is the newly opened (2022) Saddleworth High School.

From here it is an open walk with the village of Diggle to the left and the Trans Pennine railway to the right of the canal. You then come to the very popular often busy Grandpa Greens Cafe They make great Artisan Ice Creams, but once again max was thwarted and we turned around empty handed.. Diets can be a killer!

The return leg is a case of retracing your steps but things often look different, The viaduct for example.

Uppermill Viaduct
Uppermill Viaduct

On the return we didn’t go back across the stepping stones and instead continued along the canal to the edge of Greenfield. Turning left at Lock 20 and coming back to the carpark along Wellington Street.

Uppermill to Greenfield
Between the river and canal
Lock 20 Greenfield
Lock 20


Now if you thought Max missed out, we had planned all along to call at the wonderful “Bakehouse” Scona that sits on Wellington Street, opposite Tesco Greenfield. Scona is a dog friendly café (downstairs) with outdoor seating as well. It has been recently refurbished and makes fantastic food. We can recommend the sandwiches, but in particular the Cherry and Almond Scones!!! Today we did takeaway and scoffed at home. We plan to return in an evening to try their fresh Neopolitan Pizza.

Greenfield to Uppermill
Route Map

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