Ed Sheeran & Antytila 2step Ukrainian Translation

I have long been a fan of Ed Sheeran, I am fascinated by the way he plays and layers his guitar. He achieves sounds using a looping set up live on stage, the many artists takes hours to do in a studio. Ed Sheeran’s fifth studio album “=” (Equals) contains some really good tracks “Collide” probably being my favourite, but “2step” is high on my tracks to play on repeat.

On the 2nd of May a collaborative version of 2step was released with the Ukrainian band. Its poignant and moving, video footage is shot in Ukraine and depicts both the human sadness of escaping war and the devastation to cities. Lead singer Taras Topolia who is an army medic is also shown singing. These were filmed in quiet moments between the noise of war. There is no violence shown.

Taras Topolia Antytila
Taras Topolia – Antytila

I urge you to watch the video below as has been reported by NME “…Royalties earned from streams of the official video on YouTube will be donated to Music Saves UA, a non-profit fundraising project created by Ukrainian Association of Music Events to provide immediate humanitarian help to those who need it most right now in Ukraine.”

The more people watch the more money will be raised!

There are several sources for a translation of the Uranian lyrics, all slightly different.

Below is the Google translate version.

“Sirens interrupted our sleep, in two suitcases, all past
Then go go, you’re behind the wheel, into the unknown
And all the nerves in my fist, and do not tear me so
I stay to inhale the smoke
Dior’s latest scents with him
I remember you wanted to go to Rome
Everything goes to the fact that firstly to the Crimea, do some actions here
No one will come out of the water dry
We were caught on a busy morning as a drama series
We have been heroes here for months and there we are producers
The story is burning, how many more missiles
Honey, I promise when it’s all over
I will dance with you so slow
And I will kiss you where love-ov-ov
Again and again, wait for me when it’s all over
I will fall with you into this flow
Heal where love-ov-ov
Again and again, wait for me when it’s all over”

(Translation via Google Translate)

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