Lego Bugatti Chiron 42083

Lego Bugatti Chiron

The Bugatti Chiron is in a class of it own. If you have £2.7 million lying around, it will purchase you an entry level one of these incredible cars. The 16 cylinder engine with 4 turbochargers puts out at least 1500 horsepower and is capable of over 260mph. It wont take you long to get to that speed with zero to 60 in just 2.3 seconds. Power is to all 4 wheels via a seven speed dual clutch gearbox. In short it is a BEAST.

No, I am not blogging to say I have just bought one, its to wide to fit on my drive next to the house! However Lego has created a licensed 1/8 scale version, and Mrs. RJR bought me the Lego one for lockdown Christmas 2020.

Lego Bugatti box source

A complicated build it is identified as 16+ and has 3599 pieces in the set. At 1/8th scale the Lego version measures in at 56cm long and 32cm wide. To fit in all the transmission and the W16 cylinder engine, there is practically no empty space under the bodywork. Each set has its own unique serial number that appears on a plate under the hood. The model has an 8 speed working gearbox with operational paddle gearshift and moving engine pistons.

The building instructions come in the form of two books that combined add up to 632 pages of directions, interspersed with construction pictures of the real thing. As Lego sets go this is a great build!

Its been over 12 months, and I realised I had never taken any pictures of the Bugatti Chiron set so decided it was time to put that right….

A challenging and fun build, I don’t think I could have justified spending the price the set retails for on myself, but am happy Mrs. RJR did….

It’s a big item to display so it currently is wall hung above my desk !

Lego Bugatti Chiron wall hung

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