Portwenn and Doc Martin

Our first postcard post from Cornwall…

The Mote Port Isaac Fish and chips
Fish and chips

Our first evening meal at The Mote Port Isaac. Quite possibly the best fish and chips we have ever had. It helps that you can see the harbour and fish market from the window, it’s cooked to perfection and served with a perfect mix of a dressings, including Samphire.

Martin Clunes filming Doc Martin
Doc Martin

The evenings entertainment was watching the filming of Doc Martin in the village. Martin Clunes is a tall chap in real life!

Martin Clunes Doc Martin filming
Martin Clunes

Port Isaac is a beautiful fishing village that appears in Doc Martin as “Portwenn”. Narrow, winding streets lead down to the harbour and several places to eat. In the picture below Doctor Martins surgery / house is the one with a car in front of it. Bert and Al Large run their fictional restaurant in the long white building closest to the beach.

Port Isaac
Port Isaac

Port Isaac is only 10 minutes from the village of Trelight, were we are staying in a lovely house tucked at the end of Marshalls Way We get the impression by the number of new appliances and carpets, this is either a new holiday let or recently refurbished.

8 Marshalls way
8 Marshalss Way Trelight

You may notice large numbers of small Cornish village names have the prefix Tre…

Cornish Prefix meanings

Tre – hamlet, farmstead or estate

Pen – Hill or headland.

Pol – pond, lake or well.

Porth – bay port or harbour

Ros – moor, heath or common

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