Mawgan Porth

Our first beach of the day was an old favourite, Mawgan Porth just 6 miles North of Newquay, but worlds apart in tempo. Pristine sands, waves and not much more.There is a very nice fish resteraunt “Catch 22”. We have dined there several times before but it was too early today.

Catch 22

There is also an outstanding chippy, but be aware it only opens evenings and doesn’t accept card payments.

It’s a great beach to spend the day on and we have many times before. The car park is beach level, there are public toilets and a couple of shops.

Just to show life isn’t all Instagram perfect, the montage above is the one good picture and some of the failed attempts. Taken on the Mawgan Porth coastal path. The bench was a little narrow for Jessie and Max to feel comfortable on.

Bedruthan Steps

Our second stop of the day, again we have been several times before. This beach is one the most outstanding we have ever been on. Sadly a storm has washed away some of the hundred or so steep cliff steps that afford the only form of access. So it was cliff top views only.

Berryfields lunch

Stop 3. If you are in this area, there is no better place for lunch and cream tea than Berryfields!

Which is first Jam or Cream?

Just remember when in Cornwall, the jam goes on the scone first followed by the clotted cream. In Devon it’s cream first then jam… its just the rules!!!

Strawberries are very tasty!

Porthcothan Beach

Stop 4. Yes it was a busy day! After lunch we dropped down the hill to Porthcothan beach. We haven’t been here for a few years. Our last visit ended abruptly when Jessie stepped on a Portuguese man o’ war, a jelly fish type creature, with a sting powerful enough to kill fish and on rare occasions children!! That resulted in a manic car drive to the nearest vets and a big bill!

Old memories!

Today the beach was clear of the freak visitors and as stunning as ever. Perhaps why it has been used as a film location for Poldark. The water was so inviting Mrs. RjR had to go for a swim. Jessie wasn’t keen to join her. Max can never be described as a water dog!

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