The Mote Bar and Resteraunt

Day 5 of our cornish adventure is also year 30 of our marriage. Yes it’s our Pearl wedding anniversary.

After having a good meal in The Mote bar and Resteraunt at the start of our holiday, we booked an evening table for tonight.

The Mote Bar & Resteraunt

Without crowds gathered for the filming of Doc Martin and the slightly cooler weather, Port Issac was considerably quieter. The harbour is just a brief 5 minute walk around the cliff top footpath, from the villages lower carpark. Which was free after 6pm.

The Mote can be seen at the top of the harbour slipway

Port Isaac has been an attractive fishing village since the early fourteenth century. Its narrow, winding streets are lined with old white-washed cottages and traditional granite, slate-fronted Cornish houses, many of which are listed as of architectural or historic importance.”

Cornwall guide

The Mote is on one side of the harbour slip way and faces the fish market on the other, which you can see from the upstairs window.. You can’t get a much fresher fish source than that. In fact a quick look at The Motes website shows the importance they place on locally sourcing ingredients.

Fish pie

Once again the service was excellent, attentive and friendly. The food was outstanding. Small finishing touches, presentation and perfect cooking makes the meal 5 star.

Fish and Chips

As always Max and Jessie were perfectly behaved. Jessie is never a fan of being under the table, but doesn’t fuss. Max is happy to lie on my feet and patiently wait.


At this point I should include a picture of the chocolate fudge brownie we shared for desert. But it was so tempting we tucked in and finished before a photograph crossed my mind! Needless to say it was yummy.

So after 30 years of eating meals together what do you talk about? Conversation turned to what have been our highlights and achievements. The common concensus, family has been the greatest success and legacy.

Our ever growing family that we are so immensely proud of, all three children married bringing the total to six. Each of whom are wonderful people that you want to spend time with. We think of all six as our own and will do anything for any of them. And then adding in our growing number of grandchildren. There really is nothing like a close family.

Then we walked back to the car taking in the view of the sun setting over the pink flowers, and snapping goofy shadow pictures.

Love just improves over time. I recommend it as a life long endeavour, (along with a meal at The Mote)

(Note dogs are generally only allowed downstairs but due to a booking error, and being quiet we were invited to a table for two upstairs)

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  1. Such wonderful pics of walks and meals.
    Happy anniversary.
    Love is wonderful- John and I are coming up to our 43rd this year


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