The many faces of RJR Daydreamer

I don’t often appear in photographs, especially ones that I use with my social media or online accounts. The rogues gallery above, is two preferred Bitmojis and two real pictures. You will never know which order they were taken in, so is it life imitating art or art imitating life? Whichever it is, wherever you find me on the internet, 90% of the time it will be the cartoon version. Just google “RJRdaydreamer” and you will see. Fortunately the cartoon version isn’t subtly aging! So visually you purposely don’t see any changes.

I have several faces and many interests but they are all me. Humans need to be multifaceted to absorb the most out of life.

This past month my blog posts have been very varied reflecting my diverse thinking. Brass bands, integrity, monarchy, music, faith and holidays have all featured. As I look back further over a decade of blogging, I can now see gentle changes in my thoughts and opinions. It makes me glad I documented them. (There is a recap of my last 15 posts below, check a couple out)

If you are a regular here, thank you for joining my life adventure, yes we can make even the mundane seem like an adventure by seeking out joy in the journey.

Change in picture form

For the past few months I have repeatedly taken a picture of our garden, standing in the same spot. I was curious to observe natures many faces. Like us the changes are subtle almost unnoticeable day to day. Yet when viewed over one minute, in time-lapse form, theses changes are far more noticeable.

The acoustic soundtrack is a guitar song I’m learning – Both Sides Now. I love the line “I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now” it suggests thoughtfulness, reflection.

The UKs longest day is only 9 days away, from there the window pictures will document more changes. Like death and taxes change is a constant in life. Unlike trees and leaves though, we often get to choose the changes we make.

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Day 6 a tour around several beaches and a classic afternoon tea.

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