Cornwall 2022

A collection of blog posts from our May 2022 holiday in Cornwall.

We have been visiting various places in Cornwall and South Devon for the last 4 decades, we have had wonderful family holidays and created endless memories. On this most recent trip we came to realise that its far more enjoyable out of the slots taken by school holidays. Everything is just so much quieter! Our post are to create and online journal for ourselves and also to perhaps give ideas for your visit.

Where to go in Cornwall?

What to see in Cornwall?

There are countless pamphlets you can pick up with tourist attractions to visit, over the years we have found some better than others. We joke that some of our bad experiences fall into the category of “Hobbies gone wrong” That moment you arrive at the “Cornish Lilly Reserve” and realise its grandma selling tickets to her small garden… So now with more time and no children to entertain, we are finding simple joy in National Trust venues and open beaches!


Find simple joy and let yourself be puppy like…

Mawgan Porth

Day 6 a tour around several beaches and a classic afternoon tea.

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