Open Book blogger award

What is the Open Book Blog Award?

Every now and again in the blogging world, you come across a creator that is an “Open Book” They are open about what they believe, feel or know. These people may have a niche audience, or they may be blogging about everything and anything. Whatever the subject, you just feel that if you were to sit in a room with them, they would be the same person. They are not blogging to gain popularity or likes, they are just laying it out as they see it.

Now that is not to say they would be talkative if you met them, they may be introverts or have imposter syndrome.. But deep down, what you see is what you get… they are without guile. The Open Book blog award is created to recognise just such people.

How do you get the Open Book Blog award?

Well it’s given by another blogger or even taken by yourself, if you truly believe you are an Open Book. The only requirements to display this award are…

  • Answer the 6 questions below, in a blog post. You can answer anyway you want, in words, pictures or video format.. This is about creativity. A word or a paragraph, but remember you are an Open Book blogger.
  • Download your award picture and display it on your blog. Wear it with pride!
  • Include a link to this post, so others can share the love.
  • Nominate 2 other bloggers and tag them in your post. It’s set as a low number so anyone can particpate, you can always nominate more if you want.

The Open Book Blog Award questions?

  • Why do you blog?
  • What motivates you to share your thoughts?
  • Are you disappointed if a post doesn’t reach many people?
  • Are there posts you have planned but never written – because its just too open?
  • How long have you blogged for?
  • Is there a blog post you have written and amazed yourself with?

One last requirement…

If you have taken or been nominated for the Open Book Blog award, include a link to your answer post in the comments below. Let the world see your answers. Who knows it may inspire someone else to answer, nominate or even start blogging! I will strive to acknowledge all open book blog posts by way of adding a link to the list at the end.

Download your award image here

The Daydreamers answers…

I can’t ask questions without answering them, that wouldn’t be fair. So here are my 6 answers to the Open Book Blog Award Questions.

Why do you blog? By nature I am an introvert, I have come to terms with this even if those around me haven’t. I find it hard to express opinions and thoughts in informal settings. Unless I am teaching or public speaking which may seem strange? But give me a keyboard and I’m an Open Book. It’s not the anonymity, it just seems the written word comes more naturally than spoken. I also don’t feel you are obliged to listen, so there is no pressure on either of us.

What motivates you to share your thoughts? I have a lot of thoughts! I often work alone so have no opportunity to share them and if I did, probably wouldn’t (see answer 1) So to clear my mind I find it therapeutic to download frequently – to a blank blog post.

Are you disappointed if a post doesn’t reach many people? Generally No, but on occasion I will create a post that has took considerable time to layout, may include a video creation and musical accompaniment and it gains no traction. It doesn’t happen often as the journey is more enjoyable than the destination. But every now and then a single comment or like would be nice.

Are there posts you have planned but never written because its just too open? Yes, I have planned some posts but not shared them, mainly because I always stop and ponder who else may be affected and if it is fair.

How long have you blogged for? On and off for around a decade. I started using Blogger then moved to WordPress about 3 years ago. At one point I juggled several blogs. Personal thoughts, a church community and our two cockapoos. It got too much. Now I blog about everything here on RJR Daydreamer. people can choose which bits to read and which to scroll.

Is there a blog post you have written and amazed yourself with? There are a couple that I return to and re-read, wondering if I really wrote them!

Open Book Blog Award – What’s next?

If you are a blogger and have got this far, I know you have been thinking about how you would answer! So take the award and follow the rules to keep it! You will know another blogger that deserves to be nominated, there are lots of open people out there. Participate and nominate them!

Nominees and their posts, that have…

RJRdaydreamer quality content

This above all: to thine own self be true
And it must follow, as the night the day
Thou canst not then be false to any man

Polonius (William Shakespeare)

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